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What you should know..
What you should know?

How long is the contract period ?
2 Years


How many years can a domestic maid works for you?
At present, there is no restriction. Therefore, it will solely be subjeced to the mutual agreement made between the maid and the employer.


What will be your responsibilities as an employer?
As an employer, you need to provide the basic necessities to your maid like enough food and rest; proper place to rest & sleep; medical attention & needs; basic hygiene & toiletries items; understand their culture and feelings, etc. The employer is also governed by the terms & conditions of the agreement, other employment contract and standard rules and regulations of the Employment and Immigration Acts of Malaysia.


What does the domestic maid need from the employers?
Apart from the basic necessities, they need your understanding, patience and advices. They also need your gidance and a safe working environment.


How to have a good maid at home?
The general advices for employers are: To respect and treat the maid well;  Be strict but fair to her; Have a realistic expectation from the maid as they are human with limitation; and set certain rules for her to follow in your home; Be patient and make sure they understand instructions given.


What should you do when your maid has problems?
From time to time your maid may face certain challenges. Our agency will provide you free counseling and re-training services to assist you.


What should you do if your maid run away?
First report to the agency, seek advice on how to lodge a police report and to inform the Immigration Dept.


How do you send your maid home when she completes her employment contract?
We can arrange cheap air-tickets, airport transfer arrangement and other necessary documentation for your maid to go home after she completed her contract.


What are the things the employers must not  do?
The employer must not abuse or mistreat his/her maid; Failure to pay salary to the maid or deducting the maid’s salary etc.


How to apply for a domestic maid?

  • Immigration Requirements:
  • Both husband & wife should be working.
  • Combine minimum income of RM36,000.00 per annum for Cambodian maids.
  • Have young child/children to take care in the home.
  • Applications may be considered for care of invalids/sick or old parent(s).
  • Documents Required:
    • Latest original Form J (husband & wife) with combine minimum income of RM36,000.00 per annum for domestic helpers/maids.
    • Original company letter stating position held and monthly salary (husband & wife).
    • Photocopy of pay slips for latest 3 months (husband & wife)
    • Photocopy of IC (husband & wife).
    • Color photo (Passport size) – 2 pieces each (husband & wife).
    • Photocopy of marriage certificate.
    • Photocopy of child/children’s Birth Certificate.