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Training Centre - Unicorn Manpower
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Training Centre

Meeting the modern living requirements

What Can We Offer

Training to be better helpers.

All of our Indonesia, Philippine & Cambodia domestic helpers/maids have been trained by professional and qualified trainers. In collaboration with training centres in respective source countries, they have trained many domestic helpers/maids to ensure quality and performance to cater for the modern living requirements.

The training centre provides a comprehensive program to guide our domestic helpers/maids to handle everyday house chores from indoor to outdoor as well as personal care. The centre prepares the Roles and Responsibilities of a domestic helper/maid towards their employers, quide them on Malaysian culture and basic languages to cater to our multi-ethnic country.


Skill sets acquired from our maids

  • Kitchen

    • Cooking
    • Washing Dishes
    • Refrigerator Cleaning
    • Wiping Tables
    • Cleaning Utensils
    • Dishes Preparation

  • Toilet

    • Toilet Cleaning
    • Bathroom Cleaning
    • Wall & Tiles Scrubing

  • Outdoor

    • Gardening
    • Balcony and Windows Cleaning

  • Indoor

    • Moping Floor
    • Bedroom Preparation
    • Walls & Corners Cleaning
    • Dusting
    • Vacuum cleaning
    • Furniture Sets Cleaning

  • Clothes

    • Ironing
    • Folding Clothes
    • Hand Wash
    • Machine Wash
    • Differentiate clothes material & colour
    • Steam Iron

  • People Care

    • Infant Care
    • Childs Care
    • Special Childs Care
    • Elderly/ Disabled Care
    • Pets Care
    • First Aid

  • Personal Training

    • English Speaking
    • Communication skills
    • Malaysian Culture / Religion
    • Bahasa Malaysia Speaking
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Roles And Responsibilities